Forget Etf's. Buy $1 of stock
everywhere you shop.

Grifin invests one dollar from your bank account directly into the company you just shopped at.


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Invest $1 in the companies you love. If a company you shop at is not publicly traded, save $1.


Save A Dollar

Hit the local market and swipe your card, you’ve now placed $1 into a Grifin cash account. Use it to buy more stock or put it away for a rainy day.


Invest A Dollar

Buy Starbucks coffee and Grifin will invest $1 from your primary checking account into Starbucks stock. Congrats, you’re investing around your life - wherever it takes you.


Own Any Publicly Traded Company

In the Grifin app, you can invest in any company as long as you have $1 - even if you don’t shop there. No fees, just financial freedom.


account security

Your security is important to us. Grifin uses 256-bit SSL encryption, multi-factor authentication, and bank-level security to protect your personal information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Grifin’s security practices, please contact

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