Two recent grads move to Tampa to develop and launch their investment app.

As more tech companies make Tampa Bay their home base, so will the bright minds looking to launch and create in the tech world. Aaron Froug and Bo Starr are the co-founders of the Grifin app. View the full story.


How Fintech Is Targeting Millennials Using AI And Machine-Learning

“One of the most promising (and innovative) fintech startups to emerge this year, in my opinion, was Grifin. The app seems in line with the millennial mindset: It allows a user to invest their spare change into companies they love…” View the full story.


Warrington students invested in Big Idea Competition

“Our goal is to allow our investors to create portfolios based on the companies they use and care about the most. We track daily purchases and invest spare change into top firms through large batch fractional share orders. Basically, every time you get that delicious cup of coffee at Starbucks, our proprietary software recognizes that purchase, rounds up your dollar, and then invests it into a percentage of that company’s stock…” View the full story.


Millennials Lead the Change in the Latest FinTech Trends

“[Grifin] creates customized portfolios automatically for its users by investing their spare change into companies that align with their interests. Adaptability is another huge feature appreciated by Millennials, and Grifin’s portfolios evolve alongside the user’s lifestyle — offering the same benefits of an S&P 500 fund but with all the convenience Millennials expect from an online platform…” View the full story.


How Fintechs Are Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

“One company getting in front of them is Grifin. It analyzes where you spend and provides suggestions for investing in those companies. ‘Today’s technology provides a gateway for companies to do some pretty amazing things’…” View the full story.


Grifin Speaks at TEDxUFSalon

Grifin’s CEO and Co-Founder, Aaron Froug, spoke with students at the University of Florida about entrepreneurship and the value of perseverance. When asked about the Grifin logo, Froug shared its secret meaning with the group. Learn more about TEDxUF.



Grifin Joins Embarc Collective

“The model behind Embarc Collective's offering is hands-on and driven by the specific goals and needs of each startup being supported. Member companies receive customized, on-going coaching from their assigned Executive Advisor, an experienced startup operator serving on the Embarc Collective team, and function-specific support from Embarc Collective's on-staff specialists. Member companies are also invited to tailored, tactical small-group sessions to help propel their company's growth.” Learn more about Embarc Collective.